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            1. Lida high strength yarn A thread of affection

              Founded in 1983, located in Xushi, DONGBANG Town, Changshu City, the company covers an area of 47305 square meters, a building area of 27319 square meters, and has three production plants.

              Professional supplier of filament for high strength wire

              We are specialized in the production of high strength and low shrinkage polyester filament for sewing thread, high strength and low shrinkage polyester industrial fine denier yarn, high strength and low shrinkage nylon "6" fine denier industrial yarn, and has the right of self import and export

              Strive to reach the goal and win by excellence

              The company has a number of experienced chemical fiber professionals, using advanced scientific research and production equipment and unique production process, with advanced technology and relatively complete physical and chemical testing platform.


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              Changshu polyester Co., Ltd

              • Telephone: 0512-52270758

                phone: 138-1497-6592

              • Fax:0512-52270638

                Email: csdl@lida.cn

              • website: www.proalin.com

                Address: No.25, Dongxu Avenue (Xushi), DONGBANG Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province